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Healing Open Wounds Foundation is committed to providing quality services and solutions to the mentally challenged in underserved communities.
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Acquiring the services you need may not be a easy task when your combating a mental health disorder.  Healing Open Wounds Foundation has compiled a list of services to assist in you getting closer to a balanced mental health status.  

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Find Help

Find Help

If you find it difficult maintaining your mental health, you may need to get help to make it better. There are a wide range of treatments and support available. However, the reality is they can sometimes be hard to find or pay for. Healing Open Wounds Foundation is  here to help.

Professional Support

Professional Support

Getting the professional support to assess and diagnosis your needs in a time of crisis or discomfort is vital to your mental health well being.  Weather it’s talk therapy, live or virtual, psychology or psychiatric care you require.



Knowing where to get help, and what path to take to access the help you need can be a difficult endeavor?  Healing Open Wounds is here to  guide you in the right direction, connecting you to the mental health resources you need.


Mental Health Resources for African American Communities

Overall, mental health conditions occur in Black and African American (B/AA) people in America at about the same or less frequency than in White Americans. However, the historical Black and African American experience in America has and continues to be characterized by trauma and violence more often than for their White counterparts and impacts emotional and mental health of both youth and adults. 

  • Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM): BEAM is a training, movement building and grant making organization dedicated to the healing, wellness, and liberation of Black communities. BEAM envisions a world where there are no barriers to Black Healing. 
    • Toolkits & Education: graphics on accountability, self-control, and emotional awareness; journal prompts; articles on Black mental health
    • Videos: trainings and webinars, recorded and available for free
  • The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation: changing the perception of mental illness in the African-American community by encouraging people to get the help they need; focuses on stigma/self-stigma reduction and building trust between Black people and the mental health field.
    • Resource Guide:directory of mental health providers and programs that serve the Black community; includes therapists, support groups, etc, but also digital content, faith-based programs, educational programs, etc
  • Therapy for Black Girls: online space encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls; referral tool to find a therapist in your area
    • Therapist Directory: find trusted therapists that can help you navigate being a strong, Black woman; can search for in-office therapist by your location or virtual therapist.
  • The Loveland Foundation: financial assistance to Black women & girls seeking therapy
  • Therapy for Black Men: primarily a therapist directory for Black men seeking therapy; includes some resources and stories.
  • Ebony’s My Therapy Cards: self-exploration card deck created by a Black female psychologist for other women of color; created with the intention of helping other women of color grow and elevate in the areas of emotional and mental health.
  • Innopsych: InnoPsych’s mission is to bring healing to communities of color by changing the face and feel of therapy. They strive to make therapists of color more visible in the community by creating a path to wellness-themed business ownership; to make it faster (and easier) for people of color to match with a therapist of color; and to create a major shift in how communities of color (or POCs) view therapy.
  • Safe Black Space: Safe Black Space is the umbrella under which various services are offered to address people of African ancestry’s individual and community reactions to cultural and racial trauma.
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Your gift means we can bring hope to the 1 in 5 Americans living with a mental health condition. For a small donation you can helps us screen someone for a mental health condition before a point of crisis. Together we are fighting smarter, better, and harder than we ever have before. Without your donations those in need would not have the opportunity to seek the help they need. Thank you for your support.


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